Teen Parkour Classes

NEW Teen Parkour classes are coming to The Athletic Buddha in TERM 2!
Teen Parkour sessions will be facilitated by Coach Michael, a Certified Parkour Coach. Classes will include a combination of Parkour Skills, Gymnastics, Strength and Fitness games & challenges. Each session is made up of a gymnastics strength element, a parkour skills element and a fitness game element. Sessions will run for 45 mins every Monday night at 6pm during Term 2. Spots are limited.
👟 WHEN: Mondays 6pm
👟 START DATE: May 2nd 2022
👟 WHO FOR: Big kids aged 12-17 yrs
👟 WHERE: The AB HQ in Concord West
💰COST: $261 (9 week block) or $33 Casual Session
*This program is FREE for our Unlimited Teen Squad Members.
Want to join in on a Free Trial? Use the link below: ⬇️
**Be sure to book in the child’s name to ensure our Coaches know who to welcome. 👋
For more info e-mail: kids@athleticbuddha.com
OR phone: 0451 932 013

KIDS Term 4 Zoom Pass

Dear Parents,

Do you have any unused 2021 ACTIVE KIDS vouchers? With all physical sport and recreation activities on hold,  why not redeem them with us before they expire?

Following the recent announcement that children will continue learning from home in term 4, we are offering an 8 week zoom soccer and fitness program for kids.

The program will consist of 2 extra LIVE zoom sessions in addition to our existing FREE Tuesday class.

WHEN: Term 4 2021


Week beginning 4/10/22


Week beginning 22/11/21

📆 8 week program

💪 Strength & Fitness

⚽️ Soccer Skills and drills

🧘🏻 Stretching & mindfulness

💰 $99 (8 week block)

🎟 Active Kids vouchers

💥All sessions delivered by qualified coaches💥


💫 FREE Tuesday session remains

💫 WEDNESDAY street soccer

💫 FRIDAY strength & fitness



Not only for the locals but the global community too. 🤗

Invite your friends and family and stay connected while having fun!


To register using your Active Kids voucher please use the link below:



To purchase the $99 package please use the link below:


See you on the screen soon 💻❤️

The AB Kids Team

“The Changing World”

AB Members exclusive Zoom Session with Tanya Cross.
“The Changing World”
The world is changing and there is a new level of stress on people with lockdowns, border closers, and not being able to trade or see friends and family. There is no denying it is not tough. We know the consequences of stress from ageing to ill health, not to mention the mental stress, loss of sleep and inability to concentrate that it has on the mind and body.
There is a lot known about stress and the strategies to deal with it. Most of the strategies are doing something to relieve the stress like go for a walk, talk to a friend, journal. But few strategies get to the inner workings of your mind to uncover why you perceive your outside environment as stressful in the first place.
What is becoming more known about stress is that in stressful events some people can experience a post-traumatic transformation. This is when individuals go through psychological turmoil and trauma it may not simply bring about growth, but a dramatic transformation. Transformations occur because individuals have a different way of thinking and viewing their experiences.
Over two weeks, you’ll learn psychology 101 and understand that in your challenges lies our greatest strengths and what questions to ask to become more grateful for the challenges and changes that are surrounding us. You’ll have more certainty in your own future no matter what is happening in the outside world.
Monday 30th of August, 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Monday 6th of September 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Bookings via GloFox now open.
With gratitude,
Tanya Cross.


Dear Parents,

A reminder about our kids free zoom classes for children aged 5-12years.


TIME: 3.30-4pm

This is a great opportunity to keep the kids active after a day of home-schooling and connect with other children safely.

Each class will commence with a warm up game, workout of the day and to end the session some stretching exercises.

To register please use the link below. You will receive a meeting ID and password via e-mail. Invite your friends to join in the fun!


Any questions please reach out to us via e-mail: kids@athleticbuddha.com

**Recommended equipment list below**

  • Broomstick minus the brush
  • Soccer ball or equivalent
  • Something red and yellow
  • 2 x dumbbells/water bottles/aero guard cans/tins of food

The AB Kids Team.

Have you found the perfect fit for YOU?

If you aren’t enjoying your training or if training is all about achieving the desired weight on the scale then we recommend you change the way you do things.

If you don’t love your routine and don’t look forward to your next session then it is most likely that you won’t sustain any positive results you gain.

When you find the workout, the environment, the people, the coaches and the structure that keeps you wanting to go back- you’ve arrived at the right place. No matter how amazing a program may be and it doesn’t matter how great the results your friends may get from a particular way of training…. If you don’t love it, you simply won’t stick to it.

Have you found the perfect fit for YOU?

Night at the Gym


It’s been a crazy few months right? Working from home, home schooling, back to school, back to work, who can keep up?? Before you know it the school holidays will be here and kids will be home again.

With restrictions being eased, why not lock in a date night, or an overdue catch up with friends and leave the kids with us?!

???? WHAT: Kids pizza, & movie night
???? WHEN: Saturday, July 11th 2020
???? WHERE: The Athletic Buddha
 TIME: 6-9pm
???? WHO FOR: All kids aged 5-12
???? COST: $35 (includes dinner)
???? BYO: Beanbag/pillow/sleeping bag (PJ’s optional)

**Ask about our home drop off option and sibling discount**
(Yes we can drop your kids home afterwards)

Spaces are limited. To secure your child/children’s spot please click on the link below????


For more information e-mail: kids@theathleticbuddha.com.au or Phone: 0414 488 308.

A word from our Buddha of the Month.

fitness gym concord west

A word from our Buddha of the Month.
“I love training at The Athletic Buddha. The variety with each class is always challenging, the members are great and there’s such a different feel to the gym compared to ones I have trained at over the last 20+ years (showing my age ????). You all make me feel welcome, which probably sounds strange, but you all make a big effort to get to know your members and what works for them. The classes Daniel, Patch, Katie and Josh take are amazing. They are fantastic at what they do!”- Justine.

Pull up workshop this Saturday 10am


Pull up workshop this Saturday 10am @ the studio. It’s FREE but you must register via link in bio to reserve your place.⁣

Come armed with questions, we want it to be an interactive fun day of learning and exploring.⁣

Know someone know would love this? Tag them in the comments. ⁣

Front squat with an overhead press?

What do you get when you combine a front squat with an overhead press?

Answer: A Thruster

The thruster is one of the more taxing movements in CrossFit. A total body movement that pushes the mind as much as the body. In CrossFit you learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and whether we know it at the time or not, our CrossFit workout is preparing us for life. Motherhood, entrepreneurship, high school exams or whatever your daily grind may be- CrossFit helps equip you with the mental strength and confidence to “win” in life.

Ms Dani may be away on an amazing adventure

dani away

Ms Dani may be away on an amazing adventure with her family but she is never really too far from her Buddha Family. She has been working up a sweat on the gym floor, playing with the Temple babies, gone for a cruise in the Buddha Bus for After School Fitness, kicked some soccer balls around, snuck off for a quick coffee @cucinaespresso picked up some goodies from @the_drawing_room_co before indulging in a facial @theskinclinicconcord. ❤ you D!