After School Fitness Program for Kids

The After School Fitness Program at The Athletic Buddha is something we are very passionate about.

We have created a program that we believe has sufficient balance of structured and supervised “free” play offering children a fun interactive start to sport and fitness.

Children need inspiration and confidence to be physically active while trying different sports and learning new skills.

Our program caters for all ability and fitness levels. We love that children can still be active after a full day at school with the flexibility of chilling out if that is their choice.

We offer a variety of fun games and multi sport activities along with supervised homework and creative arts. Our current Term 3, 2022 “add on” activities include: Street Soccer, Movement & Mindfulness and Kid-Fit Squad classes.

Healthy afternoon tea snacks are prepared daily onsite and include a variety of fruit and vegetables. We have fresh produce delivered to us weekly and our menu rotates seasonally to encourage children to become more curious and excited about trying new and varied foods. Individual dietary requirements are considered and we will endeavour to provide a substitute menu where necessary. 

Our Buddha Bus and Walking Bus currently collects children from the following schools Tuesday & Wednesday’s.

  • St Ambrose Primary School
  • Strathfield North Public School
  • OLA North Strathfield
  • St Patrick’s Mortlake
  • Mortlake Primary School

NB: Schools we service are subject to change and availability.


Term 3, 2022- We have many options to choose from including a special $27 express pick up (spots limited) and three structured skill based fitness/sport/dance sessions (optional add-ons). 

4.30PM EXPRESS $27 

 5.30PM PICK UP $35 

6.30 PM PICK UP $45 

*Specialised programs incur an additional cost.

Please speak to our Kids Manager regarding the terms and conditions of these options.

Kids Programs

If you are looking for an activity for your little one with a great balance of fitness fun, movement discovery, plus a gentle introduction to mediation and mindfulness come join us.
WHEN: Fridays 10.20-11.05am
WHO FOR: Little people 2.5-5yrs
PRICE: $25 Casual Session
Each 45 min session will include a range of the following activities:
•Age appropriate fitness games to develop flexibility, co-ordination, spatial awareness and balance
•Breathing and stretching exercises
•Mediation and mindfulness
Parents/carers will be given the opportunity to participate in the last 15 mins of the class. A combination of meditation and mindfulness together with their child. So, Mum/Dad/Grandparents grab your comfy clothing and get ready to join in the fun!
**Parents/carers will be required to remain on-site for the duration of the session.
The Kid-Fit Program includes activities to focus on kids’ core strength, proprioception, gross motor skills and overall physical literacy. The class is designed to accommodate kids of all fitness levels and will assist to develop endurance, stamina, agility, flexibility, co-ordination and balance.
Activities include:
  • Basic gymnastic skills
  • Handstand drills
  • Basic boxing skills
  • Cartwheeling
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Fitness related games to help demonstrate body awareness, strength and cardio fitness and the ability to follow and listen to instructions
Our program encourages children to love fitness by making it enjoyable and accessible for all.
Whether your child is a natural athlete or not, we will cater to his/her ability, allowing each child to experience challenge and reward every class.
Session duration: 30 mins
When: Tuesday’s 3.50pm
Price: $23 casual session
Term 3 Block (10 weeks) $195
Active Kids Voucher $95
This program is specifically for our teens aged 13-17 years. See more details in “Classes” section.
We are a registered provider for the Active Kids and Creative Kids Program. Claim your $100 Voucher. *Conditions Apply.
Our street soccer sessions aim to teach children the fundamentals of soccer in a fun, social, non-competitive environment. Each session will provide children with engaging and enjoyable skills and drills to help expand their co-ordination, balance, body movement and confidence. Children will have the opportunity to learn new ball skills each week and get to play the “Big Game” prior to the session ending.
Activities will include:
  • Age-appropriate games and skills associated with soccer
  • Ball familiarisation
  • Basic ball skills and technique
  • Games to improve reaction speed, passing and fast foot work
  • Activities to foster social interactions such as co-operation, supporting and encouraging each other – Teamwork.
Session duration: 1 hour
When: Wednesdays 4.00pm
Price: $26 casual session
Term 3 Block (10 Weeks) $225
Active Kids Voucher $125
These programs are designed to empower our Kids  with healthy fitness habits while having fun, burning energy and learning new physical skills.
Come join us for some after school flipping fun, move and meditation time!
WHEN: Wednesday afternoon
TIME: 4.00-4.30pm
WHO FOR: Kids ages 5-12yrs
COST: $23 casual session
Term 3 Block (10 Weeks) $195
Active Kids Voucher $95
This program will offer the perfect blend of dance, gymnastics, yoga and
mindfulness. Our kids yoga is age appropriate and while the program has
been designed to promote co-ordination, fitness, and agility it’s done in such an
engaging way that children will feel a sense of strong self confidence and calm.
Activities will include:
  • Basic tumbling skills
  • Freestyle dance routines
  • Easy to learn yoga poses
  • Breathing and stretching exercises
  • Meditation and mindfulness

The CrossFit Kids program teaches proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements in classes that are different every session with a focus on FUN. Our program teaches children to love fitness by making fitness fun and accessible for all.

Whether your child is a natural athlete or not, we will cater to his or her ability, allowing each child to experience challenge and reward every class.

CrossFit Kids trains children to be generally physically prepared, encompassing all ten general physical skills (strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, power, cardiovascular endurance, and accuracy) and in doing so prepares them for the demands of life.

Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

Our CrossFit Kids classes cover ages 6-15 and include a dynamic warm-up, skill development, a workout, and every class finishes with a game. Each class is approximately 50 minutes long.

All our coaches are highly experienced and are ‘working with children’ accredited. We are a family run gym that promotes total health and wellness for all ages.


8 week block sessions

Youth $192 each child or $172 for two session per week

Kids $192 each child

Sibling discount; $172 for second children or more.


5.30pm (11-15 years old)

4.00pm (6-10 years old)
5:00pm (11-15 years old)