Have you found the perfect fit for YOU?

If you aren’t enjoying your training or if training is all about achieving the desired weight on the scale then we recommend you change the way you do things.

If you don’t love your routine and don’t look forward to your next session then it is most likely that you won’t sustain any positive results you gain.

When you find the workout, the environment, the people, the coaches and the structure that keeps you wanting to go back- you’ve arrived at the right place. No matter how amazing a program may be and it doesn’t matter how great the results your friends may get from a particular way of training…. If you don’t love it, you simply won’t stick to it.

Have you found the perfect fit for YOU?

Night at the Gym


It’s been a crazy few months right? Working from home, home schooling, back to school, back to work, who can keep up?? Before you know it the school holidays will be here and kids will be home again.

With restrictions being eased, why not lock in a date night, or an overdue catch up with friends and leave the kids with us?!

???? WHAT: Kids pizza, & movie night
???? WHEN: Saturday, July 11th 2020
???? WHERE: The Athletic Buddha
 TIME: 6-9pm
???? WHO FOR: All kids aged 5-12
???? COST: $35 (includes dinner)
???? BYO: Beanbag/pillow/sleeping bag (PJ’s optional)

**Ask about our home drop off option and sibling discount**
(Yes we can drop your kids home afterwards)

Spaces are limited. To secure your child/children’s spot please click on the link below????


For more information e-mail: kids@theathleticbuddha.com.au or Phone: 0414 488 308.