Onsite School Programs

The Athletic Buddha Strength & Fitness Program

The Athletic Buddha offers a wide range of kids’ sport and fitness sessions targeted towards children from Kindy to 12 years old. We also provide programs and memberships geared towards teens and have been hosting children’s fitness and sports related birthday parties for over 3 years. We cater for all fitness abilities which are tailored to suit the individual needs of the children.

We believe kids fitness is an integral part of their overall wellness, both in body and mind.

Supporting children to be active from a young age sets a solid foundation, encouraging healthy habits that assists them to develop skills they need to stay active throughout their lives.

  • Sessions run by qualified coaches
  • We use age and stage appropriate equipment
  • Classes will run for 1 hour after school on site in line with the school term
  • Encourages children to associate physical activity with FUN!
  • Develops concentration and listening skills
  • Develop self confidence
  • Fosters social interactions such as co-operation, supporting and encouraging others
  • Improved balance, movement and co-ordination skills
  • Children learn to move correctly and safely
  • We create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for children of all abilities.

***NOTE: When booking, please ensure that the enrolment is made in your CHILD’S name. Download the GloFox App, Search for The Athletic Buddha. Create an account in YOUR Name (Parent) Add Child/ren to your account under “Family Accounts”. Please contact us if you have any queries prior to booking.

For more information please contact kids@athleticbuddha.com or phone 0414 488 308.

Strathfield North Primary School

👉 WHEN: Term 3, Thursday afternoons
👉 WHERE: Under the Cola
👉 TIME: 3.00-4.00pm
👉 COST: $200 per child (10 weeks)
👉 ACTIVE KIDS vouchers accepted
START DATE: Thursday July 21st
END DATE: Thursday September 22nd

Victoria Avenue Primary School

👉 WHEN: Term 3, Wednesday afternoons
👉 WHERE: On the oval
👉 TIME: 3.00-4.00pm
👉 COST: $200 per child (10 weeks)
👉 ACTIVE KIDS vouchers accepted
START DATE: Wednesday July 20th
END DATE: Wednesday September 21st

If booking using an Active Kids Voucher, please email a copy of your voucher with your child/ren’s date of birth to kids@athleticbuddha.com