A word from our Buddha of the Month.

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A word from our Buddha of the Month.
“I love training at The Athletic Buddha. The variety with each class is always challenging, the members are great and there’s such a different feel to the gym compared to ones I have trained at over the last 20+ years (showing my age ????). You all make me feel welcome, which probably sounds strange, but you all make a big effort to get to know your members and what works for them. The classes Daniel, Patch, Katie and Josh take are amazing. They are fantastic at what they do!”- Justine.

Pull up workshop this Saturday 10am


Pull up workshop this Saturday 10am @ the studio. It’s FREE but you must register via link in bio to reserve your place.⁣

Come armed with questions, we want it to be an interactive fun day of learning and exploring.⁣

Know someone know would love this? Tag them in the comments. ⁣

Front squat with an overhead press?

What do you get when you combine a front squat with an overhead press?

Answer: A Thruster

The thruster is one of the more taxing movements in CrossFit. A total body movement that pushes the mind as much as the body. In CrossFit you learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and whether we know it at the time or not, our CrossFit workout is preparing us for life. Motherhood, entrepreneurship, high school exams or whatever your daily grind may be- CrossFit helps equip you with the mental strength and confidence to “win” in life.

Ms Dani may be away on an amazing adventure

dani away

Ms Dani may be away on an amazing adventure with her family but she is never really too far from her Buddha Family. She has been working up a sweat on the gym floor, playing with the Temple babies, gone for a cruise in the Buddha Bus for After School Fitness, kicked some soccer balls around, snuck off for a quick coffee @cucinaespresso picked up some goodies from @the_drawing_room_co before indulging in a facial @theskinclinicconcord. ❤ you D!

Be the best version of YOU

fitness gym sydney

Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of you. What does the best version of YOU look like?

The “BEST” version of me is aligned, healthy, grateful, kind and sustainable. The best version of me requires work EVERYDAY. The best version of me trains most days, rests and restores the others. Daily meditations and 8 hours of sleep per night. Choosing wiser when fuelling my body and remembering to stay hydrated.
Regardless of the goal you deserve to fall in love with finding out what that BEST version of yourself feels like.

School Holiday Workshop that you and all your friends will love


❌1 Day Only ❌

Attention all young people between the ages of 11 and 15. We have a School Holiday Workshop that you and all your friends will love.
-⏲ 2 hours -???????? Learn the CrossFit fundamentals. -????️‍♀️Experience a WOD (workout of the day). -????‍♀️Mindfulness
-❤Meditation -???? Practice confidence and self esteem building tools that can be used for school, sports, friendships and family.
-????Discover the yin and yang of wellness.

This is not about weight loss or muscle building. This is about health and fitness of the body and mind. •
Due to the popularity of our weekly CrossFit Teens class we have decided to host this School Holiday Workshop that will be unique and refreshing. We are the only registered CrossFit Kids gym within the Concord and surrounding areas and we are proud to spread the CrossFit methodology within the Inner West of Sydney.

We also believe that de-stressing the mind is equally as important as working our muscles and cardio vascular fitness. We would like to invite you to this inaugural event and we look forward to sharing these life changing tools with the youth of our area.
When: Thursday the 18th of July from 11.00am to 1.00pm
Where: The Athletic Buddha 1/2a Rothwell Avenue, Concord West.
Who: 11 to 15 year olds
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $40 per session.

The Hang Power Snatch


This exercise is badass. To hoist weight from the ground and throw it up and overhead, like the Hang Power Snatch requires? That takes strength, coordination, and fierce determination-all of which you’re at the gym to improve on, right?

But perhaps the biggest benefit of adding this move to your routine has to do with the power it yields. You’ve heard of plyometrics-and this move just might be king of that category of exercise.

You’ll also strengthen your entire body-not just your arms and shoulders-while shoring up your agility, balance, and overall fitness, so other exercises will suddenly feel way easier. (Win-win!)

This total-body exercise loved by CrossFitters is impressive—and crazy effective for building strength. – Caitlin Carlson.

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Good Green Stuff to support mind and body

good green stuff

The wide range of nutrients found in Nuzest Good Green Stuff were chosen to support mind and body, promoting wellbeing, general health, aiding calm and focus. It contains CoQ10 and B-Vitamins to boost the body’s energy levels, as well as detoxifying herbs to boost the metabolism as it breaks down fat. ⁠

What’s your favourite thing about Good Green Stuff? ???? ⁠

What did your weekend look like?

What did your weekend look like?

Saturday night, I went on a Sound Bowl Meditation Journey at Egg of The Universe. ????

On Sunday I went to the pub to watch
the footy. ????

Sound Journey: During this winter solstice portal, our collective intentions are heard and actioned. It is time to align ourselves individually with our highest vibration, collectively returning back to the frequency of the earth and returning back to the highest frequency of love. Sound Meditation creates the space for this to happen, to shift energy and relax the body-mind into a state of well-being and harmony. Dive into a deep meditative journey to the vibrational sounds of crystal bowls, chimes and other ancient instruments, harmonised with the beautiful, channelled vocals sung from the heart.

The event will begin by introducing you to the power of crystal bowls and their earth energy, followed by a guided visualisation meditation and 60mins of sound, where you relax on your mat in Savasana. Karina will facilitate the journey by moving around you with the bowls and chimes, guiding you deep within yourself, and you will leave feeling clear, grounded and connected to yourself, to each other, to your loved ones and to the earth.

With stress being directly linked to dis-ease, this workshop is a healing experience that will help you feel complete relaxation, reduced stress, restful sleep for the nights after and may result in altered states of consciousness, balancing of Chakras and levelling energy and even heightened clarity.