Why we DON’T do 8 week challenges at The Athletic Buddha

no 8 week challenges

“Why we DON’T do 8 week challenges at The Athletic Buddha.”

I’ll keep this very simple and as real as I can.

If you want a quick fix and want to drop weight fast then do a “challenge”.

But… before you do the “challenge”, you should be aware that the majority of people who lose weight fast tend to put that weight back on just as quick or quicker than the time it took to lose the weight. You put so much focus and effort into eating “less carbs” and “do more cardio” and “only drink vodka and soda” instead of wine or beer that of course you will see results on the scale and at times even in body fat levels.

Now I won’t and actually wouldn’t be qualified to explain any solid science behind why this happens so I’ll tell it to you from how I have perceived it in my lengthy experience within the fitness industry.


Did Messi become Messi overnight? Did Richard Branson become a Billionaire after doing an 8 week entrepreneur challenge?

When you get something quickly or easily there is a part of you, whether it’s conscious or sub conscious that thinks- “that was easy, I can do that again”. Most people come out of the challenge and “celebrate” with a massive feast… They show up to their local pub and the bartender says:

“Jesus Thommo, how much weight have you lost? Where have you been mate?”

Thommo then tells everyone at the pub that he lost 8 kg in 8 weeks and that’s why they hadn’t seen him for that long- he was “eating clean and staying off the piss”.

8 weeks later.

“Ay Thommo, you found your second chin? You might need one of those challenges again”- Laugh the boys.

The Thommos, Bens, Belindas, Britneys, Kylies or Luigis of the new age fitness world all know that there is another 8 week challenge coming up soon, so until then they will just keep doing what they’re doing and then when the challenge comes along they will “go strict” on their eating and drinking.

Know that it’s a quick fix and if it’s to look slim for a wedding or beach holiday or you’re back on the singles circuit and need some “love” then great… Go for it.

If you want something lasting and more long term, then you might want to do things a little differently.

8 week challenges aren’t bad, but they’re not what we would promote at our gym.

We’re more about having fun with your training, learning new skills, getting fitter and stronger, feeling good mentally and physically and most of all we want you to love coming back to the gym. If these things happen then the bi-product of that is that you will stick to your healthy lifestyle for longer and naturally lose body fat along the way. The upside is that it will be an incremental improvement which will have far more possibility of creating a lasting change.

“What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy”- No idea who said that, but it’s a good one.

Coach Daniel.