Teen Squad

Is your child hesitant to go back to team sport this year? Has the fun aspect of their previous chosen sport gone? Do you still want your child to keep active, learn life benefiting skills, participate in a sport with some structure and discipline without the pressure of “winning” or being selected in a high grade? If this sounds familiar, then we may have the solution.

Our Teen Squad sessions are designed to empower Teens with healthy fitness habits whilst having fun, burning energy and learning functional movements.

This program is specifically for our teens aged 13-17 years and will focus on:

-Learning to move correctly
-Increase strength, flexibility and develop a love of fitness
-Relieve unwanted stress that could be impacted in other areas of life
-Learn new skills
-Providing a fun and energetic program with experienced and qualified Coaches

We believe that we have the ability to share some very important life skills to a group of individuals who are ready and willing to learn!

** This program will run both in school term and holiday period**